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  • Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Consultations

    • Are you an organisation that wants healthier employees? Less sick days? More productivity?
    • Are you a sports team looking for medical and performance measures for your athletes?
    • Are you an individual who wants to live a longer, healthier and happier life?

    The team here at 10Percent conduct BioAge testing, an extensive health assessment tool using a series of metabolic, physical and behavioural evaluations.

    Unlike other health assessment tools, BioAge uses the latest findings in behavioural psychology, creating custom reports and personalised solutions that are specific to you and/or your teams health priorities. 

    We have a range of tests where you can select which is the most appropriate:

    1. BioAge Standard Test: Our most popular test, suitable for most of the population with many of the tests familiar to many clients.
    2. BioAge Clinical Test: Our most comprehensive test that includes relevant blood measures such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels for a more clinical result.
    3. BioAge Strength Test: A focused assessment of strength and hypertrohpy.
    4. BioAge Sport Test: A focused assessment of the mental and physical aspects of sports performance.
    Contact the team today for your BioAge assessment package!